Montgomery Past Masters

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

~Anonymous Quote

Our Past Masters and Worshipful Brothers have helped build our lodge into the successful lodge of present. Without their hard work, dedication to excellence, and countless hours of participation and leadership, Montgomery Lodge #258 would not be a pinnacle of Minnesota Masonry. This page is dedicated to all of the hard working men who assumed the ultimate role of responsibility within our lodge, starting with the very first Worshipful Master of Montgomery Lodge #258, leading down to our most recent Past Master. May their hard work be recognized and realized for the accomplishment that it is, as their efforts and leadership in Masonry will always be remembered and appreciated. Not every Mason can make the commitment to taking a position in the officer line, one day taking on the challenge of the ultimate leadership role within a lodge. We tip our hats to these fine Worshipful Brothers. May your tenure as Master have been fruitful, your experience enlightening, and your legacy memorable.


Montgomery Past Masters Patch

Past Master Patch
1903-1904 Charles Wesley Hill
1905 Alfred M Bergstrom
1906 W W Sleight
1907 Frank R Bunnell
1908 Norman W Foster
1909 Gustave A Colberg
1910 Volmer W Wallmark
1911-1912 Rufus W Sharpe
1913 Edward W. Nystrom
1914 Nels I. Nelson
1915 James Y Werrick
1916 John Hanson
1917 James Lehne
1918 Frank O Noreen
1919 Peter Axness
1920 Edward W Engson
1921 Carl L Larsen
1922 Archie O Broten
1923 Ruben W Elmquist
1924 Frank W Dosh
1925 Roy B Foulkes
1926 John V Saul
1927 Henry E Strom
1928 Walter J Bergquist
1929 Edward L Dahlstrom
1930 Elsen T Dudero
1931 John B Hanson
1932 Roy Mickelson
1933 Emil G Carlson
1934 Haskett H Burton
1935 Walter Taubert
1936 William H Goranson
1937 Paul W Hanft
1938 Norman H Murray
1939 John N Sjoholm
1940 Jacob Bauer
1941 Nels E Monson
1942 Belden H Loftsgaarden
1943 Walter Holcomb
1944 Harry Galchutt
1945 Siguard A Bertelsen
1946 Leslie C Nelson
1947 John A Lindbom
1948 Elvert F Connolly
1949 Harold Spindler
1950 Milton Craighead
1951 Bjarne H Herlund
1952 Harry Brucker
1953 Russell Gear
1954 Thomas George
1955 Harvey Dammsgard
1956 Kenneth Brindley
1957 Clarence W Fagerstrom
1958 Reynold Axness
1959 Milford %22Beef%22 Munson
1960 Carl Lineer Junior
1961 Merlin Kvaal
1962 Eugene Weiand
1963 Earl Larson
1964 Louis J Goldie
1965 George Ziemski
1966 Emory Stanley
1967 George French
1968 Gustave Johnson
1969 Donald Sether Past Grand Master 1986
1970 Walter Grun
1971 Charles Dellmore
1972 Harold R Abelson
1973 Richard Westman
1974 Daniel Skoog
1975 Ronald Anderson
1976 James Aurandt
1977 John MacDonald
1978 Clyde White
1979 John Gustafson
1980 Carl Swanson %22Gordy%22
1981 John Chegwyn
1982 Dennis Schmidt
1983 Thomas Rhenberg
1984 Richard Hinze
1985 John Maxwell Junior
1986 David Seitz Junior
1987 Kenneth C White
1988 Walter Jergenson
1989 Sydney F Schwartz
1990 George W Carlson
1991 John Ady
1992 Donald Fackler
1993 James Melander
1994 Raebern Hitchcock
1995 Robert F Johnson
1996 Kurt Dornfeld
1997 Eugene Verdick
1998 Stephen Oian
1999 Michael Schwartz
2000 Bruce Mitchell
2001 - 2002 Robert Wicke
2003 Edward Witter
2004 Stanley Derickson
2005 Dave Hanson
2006 Gregory Deegan
2007 Larry Grufman
2008 David Bergman
2009 Mark Dreyer
2010 Kendall Crosby
2011 Eric Bishop
2012 Thomas Keeley
2013 Timothy Julin
2014 Shawn Carrick
2015 Thomas Hoemke
2016 Chris Elmquist

Current Worshipful Master

Christopher Zack - Worshipful Master

Christopher Zack - Worshipful Master