Minnesota KidsID

The Minnesota KidsID program is a program held close to our hearts in Masonry. Realizing that a child goes missing every 43 seconds in this country, we work hard to ensure parents have the opportunity to have their child’s information available at their fingertips if this tragic situation should happen to them.

Every lodge in Minnesota has an ability to host events for KidsID, and we highly encourage all of them to do so. Montgomery Lodge hosts Minnesota KidsID events at various times throughout the year, absolutely free to the public. At no time, should a family be charged for this service.

Items collected for Minnesota KidsID

The items collected through the Minnesota KidsID program are given directly to the parents when completed. At no time is the information retained from the process, as an additional security measure to protect the children. The items collected during an event include:

  • Fingerprints
  • A physical description
  • A short video of your child
  • DNA sample
  • Photo ID
  • Voice recording
  • Security questions

All of the information is then placed into a packet for the parent to keep on hand. We highly recommend updating your child’s KidsID once per year, as they grow so quickly, and we want to ensure the packet contains as recent of information as possible. Updating your child’s KidsID packet will always be free, courtesy of Minnesota Masonry.

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