Masonic Mastermind

Do you consider yourself to be a Masonic Mastermind? If so, the FREE Masonic Mastermind test and reward for completion is something that may be right up your alley. We often see and hear Masonic debates from time to time, in and out of lodge. Montgomery Lodge #258 is challenging those who feel they are a knowledge base within Masonry to complete the Masonic Mastermind test, proving your worthiness of Masonic history.

Here’s how the Masonic Mastermind test works. We’ve placed secret content throughout our website, and created a test of the content provided. The tests are varied by candidate, and the test questions vary. Not that we think Mason’s would encourage assisted testing for multiple candidates, rather that every Mason who passes the Masonic Mastermind test, will have done so through 100 questions, unique to them. This is done through a randomization of 1,200 test questions, choosing 100 for each candidate. It’s also important to know, the dialect of the test questions have been altered from their original dialect, to preserve the integrity of the test and prevent candidates from “fast tracking” through content and testing.

This is an “open book” test, meaning each piece of content can be opened in a separate tab from our website, and used for the duration of the test. The Masonic Mastermind will be able to pass this test with a score of 81% or better, and the test is a pass/fail only test. Also, this test is only going to be available for 10 Masons per month, as the reward for passing is a FREE unique English gavel (courtesy of, a certificate of successful completion, and a digital broadcast of your success.

This test can only be taken a maximum of 2 times by any Mason, and isn’t an easy test by any means, so we encourage you to prepare before submitting an application for testing. Once you have submitted your application, we will verify your good standing within Masonry, then place you on the list for administration. When you receive your test, you will have only 30 days to complete the test for grading. If the 30 days should lapse, the test will be considered a failed test, being recorded as a completed test attempt, so please be diligent in your study and completion. We only share successful completions of the test, and truly believe this test is not for everyone, however a select group of Masons will find this a very rewarding experience.

Masonic Mastermind Certificate

Masonic Mastermind Certificate of Completion

Masonic Mastermind Certificate of Completion

Every detail of the Masonic Mastermind certificate has meaning, from the candidate font of “shadow into light”, to the 13 Masonic symbols watermarked into the certificate. We want to be very clear in the fact that we are not claiming any form of justification for awards or titles from our Lodge, rather encouraging those who wish to enhance their knowledge for Masonry to apply. This certification offers no additional rank or prominence in Masonry, other than a personal satisfaction of completion and reward for participation. Montgomery Lodge #258 Worshipful Master, Secretary, and Webmaster are excluded from participation in this program, due to their ability to access test answers through our website.

Masonic Mastermind Gavel

Masonic Mastermind English Gavel

Masonic Mastermind English Gavel

The Masonic Mastermind gavel is made from Yucatan Rosewood, a very rich grained and dark wood, with a symbolic reference to the deep and rich history of Masonry. Successful completion of the Masonic Mastermind test will grant the candidate an absolutely free gavel, each custom made, as a reward for the hard work and study for the program. While others may have a gavel like it, none will be the same, giving you a tool of the trade for your future positions in Masonry. May the sound of your gavel be as prominent as your achievements within Masonry.

Thank you for participating in the Masonic Mastermind program. Your entry below will reserve your place in line for testing. We will keep you informed of your place in the reservation list, and wish you the best of luck in successfully completing the program.

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